Business Succession Planning 101

Selling a business or passing it on to the next generation can be the most important financial event in an entrepreneur’s lifetime. But Canadian small business owners are not succeeding when it comes to succession planning, reveals a new IPC Private Wealth poll. According to a poll of 300 business owners with 50 or fewer full-time employees, 42 per cent … Read More

RESP’s – Not Just For Kids

When most people think of registered education savings plans (RESP’s), they think of a savings vehicle to help fund a child’s future college or university education. But savvy investors can benefit from the plan as well. In fact, self-funded RESPs can be a great investment for adults who are planning to go back to school, and they can even be used … Read More

Estate planning: An Important Financial Plan

It’s time to make a plan – your retirement income is to important to leave to chance. When it comes to financial planning, retirement is the first thing we all think of. It’s our big reward for years of working, saving and investing for the future. But retirement planning is only one part of any financial plan. Estate planning is … Read More

Estate planning may be more difficult for a blended family

While the largest wealth transfer in Canadian history is happening, we are also observing a lack of communication between parents and children. According to a recent IPC Private Wealth poll, 58% of Canadians haven’t had this talk with their heirs, 46% intend to, and 12% don’t ever plan to. And the conversation gap may be even wider in blended families (i.e. children from a first marriage … Read More

Retirement Planning Income 2018

It’s time to make a plan – your retirement income is to important to leave to chance. If asked how to best prepare for their financial needs in their retirement years, some Canadians would insist that it simply entails putting away as much money as possible—saving. What their answer is missing, is that retirement income planning takes, well, planning. It’s an … Read More