Retirement is not that Far Away

The last year seemed to be both slow-moving and quick to come towards its end (some will sigh in relief). But don’t let too much time pass before reviewing how this year has impacted you and your investments.

In completing a timely financial review, you give yourself the opportunity to spot and make changes to your retirement plans.

Have your financial goals changed? Will your plan still cover all your financial needs and goals, such as retirement lifestyle, health-care preparations for your later years, or your estate and legacy plan?

Investment planning is a multifaceted topic, and with evolving market conditions and ever-changing government regulations, not to mention life changes that may have occurred in the past few months, a financial check-up helps put everything back in focus.

We can help review your financial situation and adjust your plan to align to your current situation, so you don’t miss anything that could impact you in the short- or long-term. Together we can check that your financial situation is as healthy as it can be.

A strong first step is to revisit RRSPs. Click and read, 10 Ways To Grow Your RRSP, a brief overview of some of the strategies for getting the most out of this important investment tool.

Call us and together we can review your financial needs and ensure you’re set for your retirement and all your financial goals.

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