RRSP’s: A smart, simple solution to retirement saving.

Imagine the perfect retirement saving tool.

Would it be one that allows you to defer taxes on contributions? One that lets you put away up to 18% of your earned income? One that even lets you leverage the unused contribution room from previous years?

Fortunately, an RRSP offers all these benefits.

The major benefit of an RRSP is that it is tax deductible. It may be a simple solution that could help you reach your retirement goals. An RRSP allows you to defer taxes until you’re retired, when you will most likely enjoy a much lower tax rate, rather than paying a higher tax rate on your current income.

Who could benefit from this wonder of retirement saving tools? Everyone, you included! It’s interesting to note that RRSPs are still widely underused by many Canadians. It’s probably a sign that we all need better information on RRSPs and how to use them.

Would you like to learn how an RRSP could help you this year?

Our helpful e-book Simple RRSP Strategies is an easy-to-understand guide that clearly explains the advantages of contributing to an RRSP.

Contact us to discuss your specific financial goals and we can create a customized plan based on your retirement goals that’s just right for you.