The Benefits of Group Benefits

Here’s why small-business owners need to start thinking about offering group benefits to their employees. Many business owners will agree that an employee benefit package is one of the best ways to attract and retain top talent. It not only instills an employee’s trust in the company, it’s also often a business owner’s most necessary investment. While business owners constantly … Read More

Retirement is not that Far Away

The last year seemed to be both slow-moving and quick to come towards its end (some will sigh in relief). But don’t let too much time pass before reviewing how this year has impacted you and your investments. In completing a timely financial review, you give yourself the opportunity to spot and make changes to your retirement plans. Have your … Read More

How Insurance Provides Security – and Opportunity – for Your Business

Your life, your family and your business deserve protection and if you’re a business owner, insurance can provide that security in a number of ways that may surprise you. It can also provide opportunity to help build assets – and your business – in a tax-effective way for your retirement or estate plan. The Purchase of Shares If you have … Read More

Not All Planners Are Created Equal

Whether you’re paying off debt, buying a home, saving for your children’s education or planning for retirement—or all of these at once—managing your money is a challenging task. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to something as important as your finances. But when so many pieces of your financial life are at stake, whom should … Read More

One Important Tip For Every Entrepreneur

Start smart with your small business. Starting a business is exciting — and very busy. You’ll need to make countless critical decisions in the months leading up to and immediately following your launch. How do you know if you’re making the best decisions for yourself and your business? Start by getting financial advice. Within the first 12 months of a … Read More

When a Business Owner Faces Retirement: A Clean Exit or Stay Involved?

You’ve spent decades building your business and making it your own. Retirement is on the horizon, and it’s time to think about transitioning your company to a successor. Can you imagine being a full-fledged business owner one day and a laid-back retiree the next? Some owners are ready and able to leave the business behind while others prefer to keep … Read More

Six Financial Planning Tips for Business Owners

Set your business up for success today and develop a financial plan for retirement. Running your own business? You’re in good company. There are one million small businesses coast-to-coast operating with fewer than 100 employees. Here are six tips for financial success. 1. Target top talent You want great employees that will help support your business success. These days, steady … Read More

Juvenile Insurance – Why You’re Never Too Young to Secure Your Future

You make sure they eat their veggies, do their homework and go to bed on time. As a parent, you work so hard to keep your child safe and secure, but have you thought about their financial security? A Great Start Many parents rely solely on a registered education savings plan (RESP), which is a good start. However, juvenile insurance … Read More

Wealth Transfer: The Invaluable Conversation with your Heirs

Conversation with your heirs about their inheritance is invaluable. While the biggest inter-generational transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now, a recent poll by IPC Private Wealth indicates the majority of affluent Canadians are keeping their heirs in the dark on how they plan to pass on their wealth. Unfortunately, this lack of communication between parents and children … Read More

The Human Dimensions of Advice

The ads are everywhere: invest online and cut out the middleman. Yet, an overwhelming majority of Canadians believe that financial advisors have a positive impact on their clients, their families and their futures. In a recent poll of 500 Canadians who were at least 30 years old with $100,000 in minimum investible assets, 75 per cent said they turn to … Read More

RRSP’s: A smart, simple solution to retirement saving.

Imagine the perfect retirement saving tool. Would it be one that allows you to defer taxes on contributions? One that lets you put away up to 18% of your earned income? One that even lets you leverage the unused contribution room from previous years? Fortunately, an RRSP offers all these benefits. The major benefit of an RRSP is that it … Read More

How Corporate Insurance Can Benefit Your Business

You own your own business and you have incorporated. A smart decision, since corporate structures have significant benefits such as: Limited liability Continuity of the business Easier access to capital Lower income tax rates with the small business tax deduction Potential tax deferral Now that your business is incorporated, have you considered corporate-owned insurance? Not to be confused with insurance … Read More